Here's some pictures from the Soar Utah '98 event.  The first section of pictures are from me as staff reporter for the club (and webmaster).  The second section of pictures are from Scott Marshall also an IMSF member.

Information on the Brian Laird PSS model kits can be found at Slope Scale Home.

dtsu998me109a.jpg (6615 bytes)
Mike Lance's ME109 Messerschmidt.
dtsu998static-3a.jpg (7528 bytes)
Brian Laird's P-38.
dtsu998hcata.jpg (7276 bytes)
Brian Laird and Carl Maas built matching Helcat's.
dtsu998zeroa.jpg (8115 bytes)
Brian Laird and Carl Maas also built matching Zero's.
dtsu998static-1a.jpg (7501 bytes)
Static display looking East. Dave Wenzlick's Curtis P-40 is the camo #67.
dtsu998static-2a.jpg (6531 bytes)
Gliders in the static display area looking West.  The Coors Jets are Brian Laird models.
dtsu998duoda.jpg (6995 bytes)
Steve Dentz's Duo-Discus.
dtsu998marskea.jpg (6705 bytes)
Don Bailey's Marske Pioneer flying wing.
dtsu998pb4a.jpg (7382 bytes)
A Pilatus B-4.
Tom Hoopes built a primary glider, some how replacing GI Joe's internals with the radio gear! dtsu998thpri-1a.jpg (7320 bytes)
Hoopes Primary Glider.
dtsu998thpri-2a.jpg (2931 bytes)
Yes, it flies too!
dtsu998dnmiga.jpg (7308 bytes)
Dave Nash's Mig fighter.
dtsu998dnp51-1a.jpg (7364 bytes)
Dave Nash's P-51.
dtsu998dnp51-2a.jpg (6522 bytes)
Getting ready to fly.
[Sorry, you'll need to see MAN for this shot]

Moments after launch.
[Sorry, you'll need to see MAN for this shot]

Still a little low.
dtsu998dnp51-5a.jpg (3581 bytes)
Just above eye level.
dtsu998dnp51-6a.jpg (6162 bytes)
Tom Hoopes to the right, Dave Nash behind him.
dtsu998dnp51-7a.jpg (4192 bytes)
Ah, safety in altitude!
Award winner Dave Sanders discussing R/C models with the Deseret News reporter in the background. dtsu998dscrystal-1a.jpg (6855 bytes)
Dave's Crystal.
dtsu998dscrystal-2a.jpg (7620 bytes)
Hey, who is that pilot?
dtsu998dscrystal-3a.jpg (7275 bytes)
Nice straw hat.
dtsu998eaglea.jpg (6565 bytes)
Martin Tyner Master Falconer.
We enjoyed the company of eagles and hawks.  I wonder what they thought watching our gliders fly by? dtsu998k6e-1a.jpg (6597 bytes)
Mike Lance's Ka6C posing with big brother K8B.
dtsu998k6e-2a.jpg (3932 bytes)
The ka6C flew great!
Don Baily from Snohomish Washington compared his Flair kit Schleicher Ka8B with the real thing!  What an incredible match. dtsu998k8b-1a.jpg (6872 bytes)
Beautiful finish.
dtsu998k8b-2a.jpg (6992 bytes)
The angles match so well.
dtsu998k8b-3a.jpg (7084 bytes)
What beautiful lines :-)
dtsu998k8b-4a.jpg (6212 bytes)
The Ka8B ready to fly.
Note that the photographer to the left is Reese Stein from our local Channel 2 TV station doing a story on the event. [Sorry, you'll need to see MAN for this shot]

Don's glider flies great.
dtsu998k8b-6a.jpg (6604 bytes)
Safe and sound as Wid Toleman and Gary Knapp pause.
Dale Taylor (webmaster) brought his personal K8B for static display at the event. dtsu998n869dt-1a.jpg (5823 bytes)
Spoilers out due to high winds.
dtsu998n869dt-2a.jpg (6430 bytes)
Nice lines.
dtsu998n869dt-3a.jpg (5760 bytes)
Not much difference in size?
dtsu998n869dt-4a.jpg (5018 bytes)
Let's go flying!
If we all grab, maybe we can launch it!  By afternoon the soaring conditions were great with lift well about 12,500'!!! dtsu998cookinga.jpg (7152 bytes)
The food crew cooking up a few burgers.
dtsu998radiosa.jpg (7422 bytes)
The radio impound... there's a few dollars here.

These pictures were taken by Scott Marshall, the pictures and comments are his.

smsu98-01a.jpg (5748 bytes)
David Nash's scale P-51 on a low pass
smsu98-02a.jpg (7945 bytes)
Carl Maas' Zero loses its' vertical after a midair
smsu98-03a.jpg (8100 bytes)
Brian Laird 1st place B-17 bomber. Check out the airbrush work.
smsu98-04a.jpg (7006 bytes)
Brian Laird is interviewed by Reese Stien of KUTV, the local NBC affiliate.
smsu98-05a.jpg (7321 bytes)
David Reese displayed some terrific flying to safely land his aileron-less Higgins F-20.
smsu98-06a.jpg (6196 bytes)
Mike Lance shows off his all EPP Ka6 * soon to be kitted by DAW.
smsu98-07a.jpg (4936 bytes)
Tom Hoopes, Soar Utah CD and his Northrup Primary Glider.
smsu98-08a.jpg (4301 bytes)
Tom Hoopes' Northrup Primary Glider.
smsu98-09a.jpg (5478 bytes)
Lance's Ka6, this plane is a great flyer
smsu98-10a.jpg (5621 bytes)
Tom Hoopes and his Northrup Primary Glider
smsu98-11a.jpg (6703 bytes)
Martin Tyner: Master Falconer
smsu98-12a.jpg (6219 bytes)
Dave Sanders' CB-15 Crystal about to take its' maiden flight.
smsu98-13a.jpg (6678 bytes)
Tony Elliott's Duo Discus
smsu98-14a.jpg (5402 bytes)
ony Elliott's Duo Discus shortly after launch
smsu98-15a.jpg (5607 bytes)
Note the unusual planform of Dave Sander's CB-15 Crystal
smsu98-16a.jpg (6574 bytes)
A close up of Dave Sanders in the cockpit
smsu98-17a.jpg (7092 bytes)
Will the real Dave Sanders please stand up.
smsu98-18a.jpg (6559 bytes)
Incredible detail of Steve Dentz's Duo Discus
smsu98-19a.jpg (4729 bytes)
Tony Elliott's Duo discus on a low pass
smsu98-20a.jpg (6299 bytes)
Tony Elliott helps launch a white wing
[Sorry, you'll need to see RCSD for this shot]

Dave Sanders' CB-15 Crystal on it's maiden voyage.
smsu98-22a.jpg (4293 bytes)
Dave Wenzlick's DG*600
[Sorry, you'll need to see RCSD for this shot]

Dave Wenzlick brings his DG-600 down the ridgeline
[Sorry, you'll need to see RCSD for this shot]

David Nash helps launch his scale P-51 while Tom Hoopes handles the controls.
[Sorry, you'll need to see RCSD for this shot]

Mike Gibson launching his plane from Francis Peak during Soar Utah '98
smsu98-26a.jpg (7151 bytes)
Don Bailey's award winning Ka8
smsu98-27a.jpg (5660 bytes)
Tony Elliott as his 5.3 meter Duo Discus flys by
[Sorry, you'll need to see RCSD for this shot]

Tony Elliott's Duo Discus with Mtn. Timpanogos in the background
smsu98-29a.jpg (5448 bytes)
Dave Garwood and Dave Sanders at Francis Peak during Soar Utah '98
[Sorry, you'll need to see RCSD for this shot]

Brian Laird and Robert Aube watch as Brian's P-40 cruises by
smsu98-31a.jpg (4452 bytes)
Brain Laird and his P-40 above the Great Salt Lake
smsu98-32a.jpg (5413 bytes)
Tony Elliott's Duo Discus overhead
smsu98-33a.jpg (5818 bytes)
Tony Elliott's Duo Discus at Soar Utah '98
[Sorry, you'll need to see RCSD for this shot]

Dave Garwood, from New York, checks out the view from Francis Peak
smsu98-35a.jpg (4143 bytes)
Dale Pahl, from Lonetree Colorado, at Francis Peak
smsu98-36a.jpg (4298 bytes)
Dave Reese and his Climax at Francis Peak

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